Efficient Structural Design for Solar Structures

Structural Solar LLC is a design-build company who specializes in manufacturing highly durable and cost effective structures for solar installations. The company designs, fabricates, coats and installs foundations and “module-ready” solar structures, including ground mount, roof mounts and most notably solar canopies or solar carports in parking lots.

Structural Solar LLC is a leader in the structural design and manufacturing of specialty solar structures. Whatever the project, its design intent is clear; manufacture to the requirements of the client and project. Structures need to be efficiently designed so they are durable, functional, economical and in some cases, attractive.

Durable Design: Structural Solar LLC design solar canopies that are low or no maintenance for 25 years and if properly maintained have a virtually unlimited design life. According to the company’s president Robert Pegnato, it makes sense to design solar structures that are corrosion resistant for at least as long as the solar panels are warranted. Structural Solar LLC supplies solar canopies and other structures that are either hot dipped galvanized or coated with an industrial-marine grade paint system. In both cases, corrosion resistance as measured by ASTM B117 (accelerated corrosion test) are vastly superior to conventionally applied paint systems. For ground mount and roof mounts systems, the company regularly specifies hot dipped galvanized or even bituminous coated steel in contact with corrosive soil and utilizes aluminum rails wherever possible for connecting modules. According to Pegnato, structures (roof, ground or solar canopies) should be designed to protect the solar modules. “Solar Modules are the most expensive and productive component of the system and structures must accommodate and support their installation. There is a fine line between an efficient and durable installation versus simply a stamped design and structure that attaches to a module but may corrode and fail prematurely or in any way impair the optimal performance of the system”.

Functional Design: Structural Solar LLC provides structural solar design and layouts based on the most economical and available methods without compromising durability. If ground or roof top arrays are options, they will often pencil out at lower cost and provide more favorable economics but solar canopies can be used as an efficient alternative to rooftop solar installations. Accordingly, they are designed to a specific width and length and the overall layout is sized to support the intended solar installation. The design also considers lighting, snow plowing and other functional considerations as it relates to solar parking canopies.

Attractive Design: Structural Solar LLC believes solar canopies should be as attractive as they are functional. Accordingly, the company offers a number of different design options to solar integrators who are developing university, hospital and other institutional solar projects. There is no similar aesthetic component to roof top or ground-mount installations although there is “no substitute for square, straight, plumb and level” according to Pegnato. “The layout and installation should be reasonably precise and clients should expect and demand quality workmanship, and professional means and methods.” Structural Solar has been recognized for award winning supply of solar canopies and can provide signed and sealed structural drawings for virtually any solar project across North America. The Company efficiently designs and builds economical “module-ready” solar structures for leading solar developers and seamlessly integrates their capabilities for more productive and lower cost installations. For more information on how the company can make a difference in your project, visit the Company’s website or call Bob Pegnato at 708 275-9030 for a direct consultation.