Efficient Structural Solutions

Efficient Structural Solutions

Efficient Structural Solutions

Efficient Structural Solutions

Why Structural Solar?

Our philosophy is simple; provide clients with appropriate services and products that result in cost effective, long lasting and low maintenance structural systems. This seamless and professional integration allows our clients to grow their respective project portfolios faster, with lower risk and higher value solutions.

We believe in “earning business” by providing timely, professional and reliable service and the measure of our success is the long term business relationships that we develop with our clients.

Our Solar Structures & Expertise

Structural Solar LLC is a specialist in the design and manufacture of structural systems to support solar panel installations across North America.


Structural Solar LLC designs, manufactures and installs functional, durable, attractive and economical “module ready” solar carports and vehicle charging stations. Many think that one parking lot is the same as the other, but each is unique. Structural Solar LLC will take your requirements and concepts and develop them to completion as an inspirational and functionally designed structure that meets your budget and project schedule. We will engage early to value engineer each project so as to maximize the PV while lowering the cost.

Solar Pavilions

 Not all Solar Canopies cover parked cars. There is a growing movement for special purpose Solar Pavilions so as to provide employees and visitors with an outdoor, inspirational seating area. Restaurants and other public venues are following their lead, as are school districts and municipalities. If you are looking to give your company or a certain area of your business a certain  WOW factor, or just plain want to go green and help the environment, we have a Solar Pavilion that can reach your goals. These amazing structures can be placed in any type of business including residential and commercial sites.

Architectural Bi-Facial, Translucent and Water Proof Solar Structures

Highly architectural, attractive and water proof solar installations are uniquely suited for universities and other institutions as well as hospitality and commercial venues looking to make a visible statement about renewable energy. The highly architectural and relatively light weight bi-facial solar solution is ideally suited for solar canopies of all types , particularly when value is placed on aesthetics and water management. Carwash canopies, banks, reception areas and porticos, auto dealerships and outdoor areas for professional office buildings are merely a few of the solar applications made possible with this combination of aesthetics, functionality and efficiency.

Specialty Solar Structures

Specialty solar structures are more typically not architectural but rather functional with outstanding utility for installations that would not otherwise be well suited for a standard solar canopy. Elevated structures over campsites, trash, dumpster or even loading docks and frankly, any area that is otherwise unproductive, or underutilized can typically be covered in a manner that enhances its value while preserving its functionality. With proper design, these elevated structures require little or maintenance after installation and are durable for 25 years or longer.