Who We Are…

Structural Solar LLC is a design-build specialist and contract manufacturer of specialty structural solar supports. The company’s core management team is a group of dedicated, skilled and uniquely qualified professionals who specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of specialty solar structures and solar canopies across North America.

Structural Solar LLC supports Institutional, Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Installations. Our clients are leading and exceptionally capable solar integrators and developers who share our commitment for quality, reliability and innovation.

What We Do…


Structural Solar LLC has design capability and its Professional Engineers are licensed to sign and seal structural submittal sets across North America.

Our Goal: Provide our clients; Solar Integrators and Developers with intelligent, responsive and reliable structural design to support their highly customized solar installations.


Structural Solar LLC utilizes both in-house and committed contract manufacturers across North America to create an economical and reliable supply of specially designed “module ready” structures. 

Our Goal:  Deliver and install high quality solar structures on time and under budget per design documents.


Structural Solar LLC has a network of uniquely trained and qualified professionals including AISC certified erectors and contractors who will deploy and install foundations and structures across North America. 

Our Goal:  Seamlessly integrate as a partner into our clients projects to achieve the highest quality, most responsive and lowest cost structural solutions.


Structural Solar LLC is a specification and standards oriented company. All aspects of manufacturing, fabrication and specialty coating / finishing processes are based on industry leading standards and process control. Structural Solar LLC products meet AISC fabrication and NACE certified standards.

Our Goal: Reliably supply “special purpose, low or no maintenance “25 year” structures” to predictable, measureable and proven standards.


Structural Solar LLC is committed to and has a reputation for providing highly responsive customer- friendly service to its clients. From an initial inquiry to the submittal of design documents, we believe it’s imperative to have direct, clear dialogue with our partners. We’ll identify opportunities to value engineer, reduce cost and improve delivery and performance of specialty solar structures.

Our Goal: Forge long term partnerships with our clients and suppliers based on our mutual desire to get our projects completed on time, within budget and to recognized and reliable quality standards.

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 Structural Solar LLC provides the lowest cost solar solutions in the North American market.

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