Structural Solar LLC is a leading design-build company who specializes in functional and attractive solar carports structures and also, durable and economical solar ground mount structures. When geotech conditions permit, Structural Solar specifies driven piles for solar ground mount installations as a means to lower cost and decrease installation time of its structures. Structural Solar owns and operates various types of earth moving and foundation equipment including excavators and pile driving equipment. The company typically driven piles for solar ground mount installations and then verifies independent geotech work by driving test piles at the site. The test piles are then pulled out with the required force being measured and recorded by a dynamometer and then carefully reviewed against design requirements to determine the suitability and depth of driven piles for the intended project. It is one of several key services provided by Structural Solar LLC for its clients.

Structural Solar LLC is a privately owned company who specializes in design –build projects. While the company has its own low cost, utility scale ground mount design, Structural Solar often drives piles for solar ground mount structures that are designed and purchased by others. In other words, Structural Solar LLC will provide driven pile services only as a means to support it clients and their projects.

For more information about Structural Solar LLC’s foundation design and installation capability, including its ability to provided driven piles for solar ground mount construction, consult the company’s website or call Bob Pegnato at 708 275-9030.