How A Business Can Stand Out With A Specialty Solar Structure

Specialty solar structure for businessesEvery business wants a way to stand out, and what else can make a company show they both care about their employees, clients, and the environment than with a specialty solar structure. A parking lot is most likely the first thing your clients and employees will see of your business, so why not make the first impression right there? These specialty solar structures can be made to fit almost anywhere and into any existing lot, and be completely functional. The possibilities are literally endless. Want to save money on lighting and protect your employees and clients vehicles from the elements? A solar parking canopy is the perfect solution. Does your business use a lot of electric vehicles? Install a solar vehicle charging station!  Did we mention they can be customized and branded to your own specifications and design? The following is a little more information on the technology that makes these specialty solar structures possible, even in an existing structure.

An Optimal Specialty Solar Structure For Every Budget

Pre-engineered and kitted for easy shipment and installation, Structural Solar has designed a system with aluminum extrusions that can connect to existing structures or to a steel portal frame provided by the company.  The aluminum system, painted with a factory-applied durable polycron enamel fastens together on site to provide a rigid frame for the otherwise frameless modules.  Gaskets in the base and cap and chase-ways within the rafter provide for water management and wiring.  A proprietary aluminum “girt” enables water to transition from one module to the other without damming up and leaving dirt/residue on the upper modules.

Specialty solar structure in existing installation

Accordingly, the relatively light weight system has residential and commercial applicability and is widely specified for drive through canopies, carwashes and other solar applications that value attractive “translucent” aesthetics.

There is an optimal structure for every solar installation and budget.  And Structural Solar has expanded the range of possibilities with its all-aluminum bi-facial frameless solar panel system.  If it’s a special purpose commercial or residential application, then consider Structural Solar’s bi-facial solution.