Solar Canopy in Hawaii

Marine Corps Base, Kaneohe HI, Sunetric

Structural Solar LLC has recently finished the largest solar canopy built in the state of Hawaii! This specialty solar structure is a 650 KW solar canopy built for the Marine Corps. These types of solar structures are gaining massive popularity throughout the nation due to the low-maintenance of them, long lifespan, and of course the massive economic benefit of using solar power instead of more traditional power sources. There’s really no reason not to take full advantage of solar power in the modern world.

Under contract by Sunetric, we were able to provide the complete design-build services of this solar canopy including the foundation installation, fabrication, and erection of the racking structure. The solar canopies were constructed with demanding specifications that involved hot dip galvanizing as well as multiple coats of industrial marine grade paint. These amazing new solar structures will last many years even in the tropical, yet grueling, weather of Hawaii. These solar canopies were made to last with little or no maintenance!

You can view more details about our Hawaii solar canopy structure on our official press release located here:

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