Subject: Solar Canopies installed start- to-finish in 3 ½ days by Sunetric, Hawaii

Release: Structural Solar LLC, a design-build specialist of specialty solar canopies and solar carports reported that Sunetric, a leading solar developer in Hawaii received and completely installed a 127 KW solar canopy on the eve of the new-year. According to Robert Pegnato, president of Structural Solar LLC, Sunetric received the container on December 28, 2015 and was cleaning up and demobilizing from the Honolulu site by midday on December 31.

According to Pegnato, Sunetric is a seasoned installer with an exceptionally capable team and strong project management. They committed to completing the installation by year end and achieved the objective but not without considerable effort and good planning. The hot dipped galvanized structural components i.e. columns, rafters and purlins were designed as bolted connections and erected quickly but Sunetric anticipated the challenge and pre-assembled the modules on the aluminum rails while on the ground so they could hoisted and fastened into place quickly on the structure.

Sunetric has completed several solar canopy / solar carport projects with Structural Solar LLC including a large 600KW+ installation at the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe HI.

Pegnato added that solar canopies or solar carports in Hawaii are challenging due to population density, construction logistics but also seismic and atmospheric conditions. The solar structures on most every project in HI are highly customized to reflect the site conditions and requirement of the owner. Structural Solar designs, fabricates and install solar canopies from heavier structural steel and specializes in corrosion resistant coating which is appropriate for the solar canopy conditions in Hawaii.