During the 4th Q, 2016, PhotonWorks Engineering completed the Sunset Lakeview Solar Canopy installation.  The specialty solar carport measuring 305′ long x nearly 60′ wide was designed , fabricated and supplied by Structural Solar and supports over 1000 solar modules.

The solar canopy installation is among the 16 solar canopy installations completed by Structural Solar on the Hawaiian Islands.

According to Robert Pegnato, President of Structural Solar “projects on the islands are particularly challenging”  the soil conditions are variable and often unknown and the logistics at each site are complicated.  There is limited laydown area and for this particular canopy which spanned over several sloping parking bays, there was critical coordination required between the foundation and structures.    But the installation was completed on time and hot dipped galvanized structure with modules looks great.  PhotonWorks deserves a lot of credit added Pegnato. They are a quality organization.