Structural Solar LLC announces it has completed a 500 KW Solar Canopy Installation for the US Embassy in Haiti.

The international operations group of Structural Solar LLC who expanded its operations into the Caribbean nations in 20014 announced its completed a 500 KW installation in Haiti.  The State Department project, performed under a subcontract with Edifice Solutions out of Maryland was designed to meet hurricane force winds and withstand the corrosive atmospheres of the island nation.

The unique concrete structures have a hot dip galvanized, tubular steel roof and anodized aluminum racking which allows the modules to be pre-racked on the ground and set in place as assemblies, thereby providing both a durable product and operational economies.

About Structural Solar LLC

Structural Solar LLC is a company that specializes in design and manufacture of structural systems to support solar panel installations and serves all North America and the Caribbean.  They are a leading provider to solar integrators having commercial, institutional or government solar projects.  Structural Solar’s projects range from highly architectural solar canopies to large scale, durable and economic solar canopy and ground mounted solar including utility scale solar installations.  Structural Solar LLC provides signed and sealed structural design drawings for every state in the country and holds a construction license in all states were it is required.

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